35 years of scientific research in Economic Forecasting

In april 1970 was founded the Center for Research, Studies and Forecasting.
In the year 1977  the Center for Research, Studies and Forecasting became Institute of Planification and Forecasting.
The Institute for Economic Forecasting  was founded  in 1990 on the bases of the Institute of Planification and Forecasting as a component of  National Institute of Economic Research from Romanian Academy.

On the occasion of  the 35th anniversary session was offered diplomas of  honorary members of Scientific Council of Institute for Economic Forecasting.

Honorary Member of Scientific Council

Profossor Lawrence R. KLEIN - Nobel Prize in Economics, 1980, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
(Benjamin Franklin Professor Emeritus of Economics, Ph. D. Economics, Massachussetts Institute of Technology,1944)
(Professor Klein founded Warton Econometric Forcasting Associates of WEFA, now Global Insight)
Global Insight was formed in March 2001 from the merger of WEFA (formerly Econometric Forecasting Associates Warton ) and DRI (formely Data Reources Inc), together with Primark Decision Economics, Primark Poland and French company DAFSA.

Professor Gérard DUCHÊNE - Director R.O.S.E.S ( Centre de Recherche sur l'Economie de la Transition et du Développement), unité mixte du CNRS et de l'Université de Paris 1, Paris, France
"I am very honored of the proposition you made, and I thank you very much for it" - Gérard Duchene

Professor Tanguy de BIOLLEY - Director A.D.E. (Aide à la Decision Economique), Louvain - la - Neuve, Belgium
Ph.D. in economics, currently " Maitre de Conferences" (Visiting Professor) at the Facult
és Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix in Namur, Belgium
"I feel very honoured by the proposal of your Scientific Council and I accept it with great pleasure. I congratulate you and the Institute for Economic Forecasting on the occasion of the 35th birthday and I wish you every success for the next 35 years" - Tanguy

Dr.Andrei ROUDOI - Global Insight, Washington, D.C.,USA

Dr.Andrei L.BELOUSOV - General Director, CMASF (Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting), Moscova, Russian Federation
"It was a great honor for me to receive invitation to become "Honorary Member" of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Economic Forecasting" - Andrei Belousov

Professor Ali H.BAYAR -  Free  University of Brussels ( Department of Appliied Economics)
"Many thanks for your kind invitation. I am pleased and honored to accept it" - Prof. Ali H. Bayar

Professor Emmanuel HAVEN - University of Essex, Colchester, Anglia
"It is a pleasure for me to accept your high honor. It is indeed a very great honour for me to accept your wonderful invitation." - Dr. Emmanuel Haven