Abstract: The economy is functioning under the simultaneous participation of the coexistent generations in production of goods and services, saving-investment processes, private and public consumption, domestic and foreign trade, research-development of the new products and technologies, and all the other inter-connected economic activities. This complex role of generations can be examined from two perspectives: i) as income relevance, estimated by the shares of the coexistent generations in forming or utilization of disposable revenues; and ii) as socio-economic functional status of its members (wealth property structure, positions held in the micro- and macroeconomic management etc.). The present paper concentrates on the former. The empirical search will be focused on the historical experience of the United States of America, for which there already is available a consistent set of connected sociological studies, as well as exhaustive statistical information.

Keywords: demographic structure, generation, income generational relevance.

JEL codes: C82, J11, J17.

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