Volume 16 Issue 4 /2013

        Guest Editors for GBEF Papers: 

Chung-Hua SHEN, National Taiwan University, Taiwan; Yang-Cheng LU, Ming Chung University, TAIWAN; Dongxing ZHANG, Wuhan University, China; Ken HUNG, Texas A&M International University, USA; Tsangyao CHANG, Feng Chia University, TAIWAN


5-31 Updating the Romanian Economic Macromodel
by Emilian Dobrescu
32-43 Rational Bubbles Exist in the G-7 Stock Markets? Threshold Cointegration Approach
by Li-Hung Wu
44-55 The Relationship between Energy Consumption and Output: A Frequency Domain Approach
by Wen-Chi Liu
56-66 Liquidity Characteristics, Implicit Information of Asset Prices and Monetary Policy in China
by Xiao Weiguo & Zhao Yang & Yuan Wei
67-81 History of Credit Crisis as a Mirror: An International Perspective on the Impact of the Sub-Prime Crisis on the Performance of Investment and Commercial Banks
by Yang-Cheng Lu & Hao Fang & Shu-Lien Chang
82-93 Nonlinear Behavior of the US Stock Price-Dividend: Evidence from Threshold Unit Root Tests
by Shu-Ching Cheng & Tsung-Pao Wu
94-108 Factors that Affect Credit Rating: An Application of Ordered Probit Models
by Ken Hung & Hui Wen Cheng & Shih-shen Chen & Ying-Chen Huang
109-123 Capital Constraints and the Credit Structure of Commercial Banks: Evidence from China
by Junxun Dai
124-133 Macroeconomics Framework Considered Risk Factors: Based on Default Distance
by Yonggang Ye & Jiaqi Yang & Lingfeng Song & Pei ZHang
134-147 A Study of yhe Nonlinear Relationships among the U.S. and Asian Stock Markets during Financial Crises
by Yu-Hau Hu & Shun-Jen Hsueh
148-160 Board Ownership and Firm Value in Taiwan - A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Model
by Feng-Li Lin
161-170 Corruption and Income Inequality in Asian Countries: Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality Test
by Chiung-Ju Huang
171-185 Military Spending and Economic Growth Nexus in Sixteen Latin and South American Countries: A Bootstrap Panel Causality Test
by Hsien-Hung Kung & Jennifer C. H. Min
186-204 The Dollar Standard and Stability of China s Macroeconomy
by Guohua He & Xinxin Chang
205-217 Volatility Spillovers between Equity and Bond Markets: Evidence from G7 and BRICS
by Jian Zhang & Dongxiang Zhang & Juan Wang & Yue Zhang
218-231 Cluster Analysis of Market Potential in Emerging Markets: A Dynamic Research based on Markov Chain
by Da Huo
232-245 Stock Characteristics Herded By Foreign Investors With Higher Abnormal Returns In The Taiwan Stock Market
by Hao FANG & Yang-Cheng Lu & Hwey-Yun Yau & Yen-Hsien Lee