Competitiveness and Corruption in Romania - Forecasting in the Context of the Romanian Integration into the European Union

OGREAN, Claudia and Mihaela HERCIU 
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, volume 7 issue 2
, 2006.

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Competitiveness and corruption are now - more than ever before - two real challenges for Romania on its way to the European integration. The theoretical approaches to those concepts did not get to a unanimous and happy end and the real figures that evaluate them are not at all pleasing for Romania. Our country registers low positions in the world and European hierarchies both regarding competitiveness and corruption. But, still it looks forward for its integration into the EU. The gaps that separate Romania from the European average scores are significant and by this paper we try to forecast some development directions and to estimate some time horizons in order to reduce the gaps, by significantly increasing competitiveness and diminish corruption. 

Keywords: Competitiveness, Corruption, Forecasting, Integration, Gap Reduction 
JEL Classification
C53, D63, D73, E26, E27