Cox Regression Models for Unemployment Duration in Romania, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia

by Kavkler, Alenka; Danacica, Daniela-Emanuela; Babucea, Ana Gabriela; Bicanic, Ivo; Bohm, Bernhard; Tevdovski, Dragan; Tosevska, Katerina and Borsic, Darjau
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting
, 2009, volume 10 issue 2, 81-104

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This paper applies the semi-parametric Cox regression approach to model unemployment duration in five Central and Eastern European countries. The Cox proportional hazards models and the Cox regression models with a time-dependent covariate are developed, and the results are interpreted and compared. The impact of the variables age, gender, education level, and region on the hazard ratio is discussed. The results for the time-dependent variable age imply that the longer the unemployment spell lasts, the less pronounced the differences between various age groups are.

Keywords: survival analysis, Cox proportional hazards model, Cox regression model with a time-dependent covariate, unemployment duration
JEL Classification:
C14, C24, J60, J64