A Comparative Study of Some Features of Higher Education in Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary

by Andrei, Tudorel & Lefter, Viorel & Oancea, Bogdan & Stancu, Stelian
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting
, 2010, volume 13 issue 2, 280-294

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The transition from the centralized economy to the market economy has determined important changes in higher education in the countries of the former socialist bloc. In a relatively short period an impressive growth in the number of students has been recorded without taking into account the evolution of the number of pupils in high school and demographic phenomena, such as increased migration, reduced birth rate, and so on. In a medium and long time horizon the current increases in the number of  students cannot be sustained. For the analysis of the data series we used a number of econometric techniques.

Keywords: regression models, cointegration, higher education statistics, education
expenditures, ADF, unit roots

JEL Classification:
I21, C01, C51