Ethical Mastery of Innovative Technologies  

by BROCHÉ, Serban and Costea MUNTEANU  
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting,
volume 7 issue 3, 2006.

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In this paper we present an alternative bio-epistemological-based approach to economic ethics issues, which suggests that economists need not only an understanding of the ecosystem in terms of irreversibility, but even more an understanding of the way the process in ecosystem make actual the principle of ameliorative equilibration. This means that among many technological innovations that extend the field of the possibilities only those that prove to be integrative and able to ameliorate the adaptation process will be chosen and preserved. In our view, only this type of prospective approach could be considered ethical as it realizes the principle of ameliorative equilibration and harmonizes the technological innovation process with the process of the ecosystem.

Keywords: social cooperation, biophysical constraints, negentropic rocess, ameliorative equilibration, vection, cross-disciplinary research.
JEL Classification: A11, B59, Q56, Q57