Analysis Of Critical Control Points Of Alternative Decisions On The Choice Of Performance Based Budgeting System: The Analysis Of The Practices In Turkey’S Public Institutions

by Tugen, Kamil;  Akdeniz, H. Ahmet; Egeli, Haluk; Aksarayli, Mehmet and Ozen, Ahmet
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting
, 2008, volume 9 issue 3, 80-99

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Performance-Based Budgeting (PBB) System is one of the latest techniques achieved in the development process of modern budgeting systems. The system basically requires public institutions to prepare budgets in accordance with market-focused administration approach. The system is based on allocating the budget in order to give the most convenient subsidy for the institutional operations to enable the effective use of resources. Institutional activities are assessed according to pre-determined performance criteria and the way to reach the target performance level is called forth.
In this study, first, critical control points are determined to enable the state to reach PBB by providing transition between budgeting systems. After critical control points are formed, a diagram is drawn to show the effectiveness of PBB and the factors that may affect the processing of the system negatively or positively are explained. After that, operational levels of institutions according to the critical control points are obtained as the result of a situational analysis of PBB in various public institutions in Turkey. Moreover, public institutions in the study are classified from a functional point of view and comparative analyses are made according to operational levels. Regarding the result of the analyses some suggestions on adapting the PBB systems to the public institutions are made. We concluded that the system cannot be applied effectively without completing all the steps towards PBB.

Keywords: Budgeting, Strategic Planning, Performance Evaluation, Performance Criterion, Performance-based Budgeting, Optimization
JEL Classification:
H11, H61, C44