Global Simulation of Quality and Security of Human Life

by Zgurovski, M.
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting
, 2009, volume 11 issue 3, 5-21

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A system of factors (indices and indicators) and a new method of quantitative and qualitative evaluation are developed. This system, named “Sustainable Development Gauging Matrix” (SDGM) and data presented by reliable international organizations culminated in a Global Simulation regarding quality of life and security of the world population. Specifically, this study focuses on the analysis of the Systematic Regularity of World Conflicts over the Course of Time. A prognosis is detailed of the next world conflict, labeled the "Conflict of XXI Century”, and an analysis is provided of its nature and main characteristics; duration, main phases of the conflict and intensity. This prognosis details a set of basic global threats that spawn this conflict. Using cluster analysis, its influence on different countries of the world is accurately defined. These results were obtained by applying the capabilities of the world data centers network as a tool for providing a variety of scientific interdisciplinary data.

Keywords: noosphere, sustainable development, interdisciplinary data, global simulation, gauging matrix, global threats, conflict, cluster analysis
JEL Classification: Q01, C02, C15, C69