Social Development Aspects by Regional Level in Romania

by Pauna, Carmen Beatrice and  Andrei, Dalina 
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting,
volume 7 issue 4, 2006.

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The economic transition was harmful all over, but even more harmful for Romania's social landscape. The total population decreased by both birth rate and emigration and the work force follows this trend, the remaining people get older and demographic perspectives are even worse for the following decades. The poverty also gets larger and much larger in Romania than elsewhere in Europe and Central and Eastern Europe. Data show differences on regions and district areas, but under such circumstances, the fact that students and persons attending higher education institutions' courses increase their number and ratio in the total population does no longer represent a full social improvement, but this will feed the future emigration from Romania. The healthcare, social insurance, as well as educational and human resource systems are called to act against this situation, and some undertakings are under way.

Keywords: human resources, poverty, emigration, labour market, immigrants, ageing index, activity rate, employment rate, unemployment rate, healthcare system, education system, social insurance. 
JEL Classification: H55, H72 , I18 , I21, I28