Efficiency, Effectiveness and Performance of the Public Sector

by Mihaiu, Diana Marieta & Opreana, Alin & Cristescu, Marian Pompiliu
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting
, 2010, volume 13 issue 4, 132-147

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The current economic situation determined by the effects of the crisis is causing the governments of the countries worldwide to streamline their processes in terms of collecting revenue from  the state budget and then redistributing it on the principle of performance and economic efficiency. In this sense the comparative analysis of the efficiency in the public and private sector is the starting point for studying the role of efficiency, effectiveness and performance regarding the economic governance of resources utilization by the public management for achieving medium and long-term objectives of economic recovery and sustainable development of national economies.
Public sector performance score for UE countries (PSPUE), which represents the objective of the current work, aims to quantify and present the real situation in terms of public sector performance.

Keywords: public expenditure, efficiency, input, output, outcomes
JEL Classification:
H0, D61, G14