Year 2022

221002: Aspects of the transition to a digital bioeconomic society: Agriculture 4.0 and Organic 3.0 by Raluca Ioana IORGULESCU [Downloadable!]
221001: Time series: entropy and informational energy by George Daniel MATEESCU [Downloadable!]

Year 2021

210925 Simulation of the Covid-19 pandemic data series
George Daniel Mateescu [Downloadable!]

Year 2020

200518 Estimates on the dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy
by  Lucian Liviu ALBU
& Ciprian Ion PREDA & Radu LUPU [Downloadable!]

Year 2019

190612 Trends in FDI and its role in Development and Convergence
by Lucian Liviu ALBU [Downloadable!]

  Year 2017

170901: Regression on intervals by George Daniel Mateescu
170702: The human capital and development. The Romanian case study  by Elena Pelinescu
170701: Norwegian and Romanian green cluster experiences for a digital era by  Raluca-Ioana Iorgulescu, Carmen Beatrice Păuna, Marioara Iordan, Tiberiu Diaconescu, Gabriela Bilevski, Thomas Brekke, Lasse Berntzen, Ole Henrik Gusland

Year 2016

161101: Trends in the relation between regional convergence and economic growth in EU  by  Lucian Liviu Albu [Downloadable!]
161002: Assessing the Effect of Economic Growth on Well-Being in the Eu-27. A Pareto-Optimum Approach  by Monica Raileanu Szeles [Downloadable!]
161001: The Real GDP Rate in European Union. A Panel Data Approach by Mihaela Simionescu [Downloadable!]
160720: The Linear Regression Of Weighted Segments by George Daniel Mateescu [Downloadable!]

Year 2015

151030 Employment and Unemployment in the EU. Structural Dynamics and Trends
by Marioara Iordan & Mihaela Nona Chilian [Downloadable!]
150820 Analysis and Forecast of Romania's Population Ageing by Non-Linear Methods by Mariana Balan & Brindusa-Mihaela Radu [Downloadable!]
150206: A New Technique based on Simulations for Improving the Inflation Rate Forecasts in Romania  by Mihaela Simionescu (Bratu) [Downloadable!]

Year 2014

141222: A model to estimate macroeconomic parameters for growth in EU by Lucian Albu
141215: Romania's external debt threats  by Gheorghe Zaman and George Georgescu [Downloadable!]
141115: A Nonlinear Model to Estimate the Long Term Correlation between Market Capitalization and GDP per capita in Eastern EU Countries by Lucian Albu, Radu Lupu and Adrian Cantemir Calin [Downloadable!]
141110: Testing for nonlinearity of the relationship between stock prices and exchange rate in Romania 
by Corina Saman

Year 2012

100901 Predictions Regarding the Evolution Of Archiving Documents Generated by Business Entities
by Teodorescu, Narcisa & Teodorescu, Ruxandra
100201 Risk analysis in the evaluation of the international investment opportunities. Advances in modelling and forecasting volatility for risk assessment purposes by Marius Matei [Downloadable!] 

Year 2008

081201 Strain and Inflation-Unemployment Relationship: A conceptual and empirical investigation by Daniel Daianu &  Lucian Liviu Albu [Downloadable!] 
081103 Strain and Inflation-Unemployment Relationship in Transitional Economies: A theoretical and empirical investigation by Lucian Liviu Albu [Downloadable!]
081102: Institution, Gender, and Economic Development: A Case Study of Two Igbo Village  by  Raluca Ioana Iorgulescu [Downloadable!]
081101: Economic Impact of Political Cycles - The Relevance of European experinces for Romania  by Dorin Jula [Downloadable!]
080825 Stochastic Optimization in Econometric Models - A Comparison of GA, SA and RSG by Adriana Agapie  [Downloadable!]

Year 2007

071202 Underground Economy And Fiscal Policies Modeling by Albu, Lucian Liviu [Downloadable!]
071201 Trade Growth in a Heterogeneous Firm Model: Evidence from South Easten Europe by d'Artis Kancs  [Downloadable!]
070701 Double Conditioned Potential Output by Emilian Dobrescu  [Downloadable!]
070601 Estimating the Size of Underground Economy in Romania by Lucian Liviu Albu  [Downloadable!]