Socio-economic Effects of the Labor Force Migration in an Enlarged Europe

by Nicolae, Mariana and Radu, Brindusa Mihaela  
Published in Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, volume 8 issue 2, 2007.

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The enlargement of the European Union and the liberalization of labor force movement to Europe increase greatly the migration towards the developed countries. This phenomenon affects the economic growth both on short and long term.
The ascending trend of migration began in the mid nineties and continued after 2000. The data between 2002 and 2005 indicate a quasi-slowdown tendency. This paper aims to estimate some effects of migration flows on both the origin countries and the host countries in an enlarged Europe.
Having in mind the enlargement, the Romanian out-migration represents a sensitive subject, adding to those of commercial and the capital flows, the main mechanism of European integration. The migration from and to Romania will have an effect on the Romanian economy on short and long term.

Keywords: work force mobility, free movement of labor force, economic impact, brain drain.
JEL Classification: F02, J6, J21, J60, J61